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EGMO 2013

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UK talent search launched

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EGMO 2012 launch

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EGMO 2012: News: EGMO 2012 launch (8 March 2011)

We announce the establishment of the first European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO), to be held at Murray Edwards College (founded as New Hall) of the University of Cambridge. This event is created by a partnership between MEC and the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust, the educational charity which organises mathematics competitions in secondary schools in the UK.

The Olympiad will be held during 10–16 April 2012. Countries will send teams consisting of their strongest four female mathematicians of school age to compete at EGMO. This venture is inspired by the very successful China Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad which has encouraged many more girls to develop and pursue their interest in mathematics.

Competitors will try to solve eight very hard problems during 9 hours of examinations over a two day period.

We intend that this competition will become an annual event, moving around Europe every year with host countries providing the competition funding. Preliminary contacts indicate that about 20 nations will send teams to the inaugural competition.

There will be a nationwide talent search to find the girls to form the UK team at EGMO 2012. A Competition Challenge (the UK Mathematical Olympiad for Girls) will be held in June 2011 to select those students who will engage in training for the competition.

For more information, please see the press information. Accompanying photos: group photograph from CGMO 2010, Vicky Neale, Alison Zhu.

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